Playing Dirty (Monkey Business #1)

Playing Dirty

Author: C.L. Parker
Published: May 12, 2015
Pages: 310

Stars: 5 out of 5


Shaw Matthews plays to win, and he intends to snag a coveted partnership at San Diego’s hottest sports agency by signing America’s top athlete. Only one woman stands in his way: rival agent Cassidy Whalen. But eliminating the competition will be Shaw’s pleasure when he concocts an ingenious plan to seduce Cassidy and show the beautiful ballbreaker who’s the better man for the job. That is, until Cassidy turns the tables—and their steamy encounters start breaking all the rules.

Cassidy has worked hard to make it in a man’s cutthroat arena, and she isn’t going down without a fight, not even against the six-two alpha hunk whose rock-hard body awakens desires she’s never known before. As Cassidy shares night after night of unending passion with Shaw, the game begins to change. Now Cassidy stands to lose everything—unless a fiery contest of wills can become a winning proposition for two people who keep raising the stakes.


This story is about seduction and the power behind it. The two dueling characters, Shaw and Cassidy, both work at Striker and are in a fierce competition to sign San Diego’s star quarterback. And whoever does gets promoted and becomes the other persons boss. No pressure right? Both characters decide the best way to outwit and throw each other off there game is to seduce and concur. The basis of this book is almost comical if not fully entertaining. The writing is fantastic, keeping the reader slightly blushing but always wanting more. And the ending, was genius but oh so cruel. I am definitely left wanting more and wishing the second book was already out.

Shaw’s character comes across as a chauvinist pig. Although confident, his sense of humor can lean on the side of offensive. He rationalizes Cassidy’s ability to do well at her job (seeing as she is a female in a males job), not gossip around the water cooler, and not tied to a male is based on her being and I quote “a black widow, sucking the life out of the men who dared get near her”. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his inner monologue and how he rationalizes what he wants. It is obvious he has wanted to get Cassidy in bed for a while but instead of admitting and just doing it, he justifies going after her as a means take her out of the competition.

Cassidy’s character comes off as confident and strong but on the inside she stumbles around just like the rest of us. The only thing different is she is better at hiding it than the average person. Throughout the book, it becomes clear she is actually very similar to Shaw in his chauvinist mannerisms but with males. It also becomes clear that although she comes across as prim and proper, in regards to sex she discovers she wants anything but. “Maybe it was then that I realized I wasn’t the typical woman. Romance and niceties didn’t do it for me. I wanted a gentleman with a firm hand…”

Normally I don’t really care for books that have dual POV because most authors struggle with creating individual “voices” for each character. But Parker did a great job and stayed consistent and true in regards to the characters voice. This was a fantastic read!

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