The Bloodline War


Author: Tracy Tappan                                                                                                 Published: December 17, 2013                                                                                            Pages: 352

Stars: 1 out of 5


A car accident changes everything for Dr. Toni Parthen. Her computer hacked hospital blood test confirms she’s the carrier of a gene that’s the key to salvation for a unique race of human beings. Abducted from her hospital room to a secret, underground community, Toni is asked to do the unthinkable: procreate with a man from a race called Varcolac-a species that must consume the blood of other humans to survive. Then bizarre turns dangerous, because a new, mysterious enemy also wants her special DNA, and Toni finds herself in the middle of an all-out war to possess her. It’s the job of Jacken Brun, leader of the Warrior Class, to keep the captured women safe from a demonic race of humans who rule a neighboring part of their underground world. His challenges multiply when Toni inflames the women into mutiny, and then there’s his biggest problem…his growing desire for the infuriating woman herself. Afflicted with a dark genetic makeup, Jacken can never be with a woman. Until Toni uses her scientific ingenuity to find a way for her and Jacken to be together. But then the new enemy faction unearths Toni and drags her to their hidden lair, where they’ll inflict an unspeakable cruelty on her to gain access to her valuable genes. It will take every warrior skill Jacken owns to save the woman he loves, but only if he can find her in time…


This book is odd. The writing style was difficult to get into at first. It reminded me of JRWard Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Except in this series, the writing perspective comes from multiple characters and it is difficult to keep them straight/remember who is who.

This book is about a ‘vampire’ race who is dying out and kidnap ‘dragon’ women to reproduce with. The concept of Stockholm syndrome plays a big part in this book because these idiotic women end up falling in “love” with the men who kidnap them after a couple weeks/months, marry them, and then have there babies. As a reader, if you can get past this ridiculous notion for a story plot, then the book is alright until you get half way in. Then the writing changes and instead of reading about grown men, the immaturity levels drop to high schooler boys. And not to mention the beyond awkward sex!

The author struggles to give each character there own personality and voice. In the beginning of the book, Tappan does a nice job but again around the half way point all the characters sounds the same and have the same language/sense of humor/etc. There was also a strong Christian overtone to the story- where the good guy ‘vampires’ remain vurgins until they find there love and then mate for life. And the ‘dragon’ females have horrible unsatisfactory sex that leaves them feeling bad about themselves until of course they find there ‘vampire’ husband and then it’s amazing and perfect…. Really?!?! Overall, this book was just to ridiculous to finish.

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