Palpitations (Sanguivorous #1)


Author: S.K. Munt
Published: July 9, 2014
Pages: 444

Stars: 4 out of 5


Good girls don’t smoke
Good girls get their injections
Good girls are excited on the eve of their wedding.
Good girls die in the first five minutes of the zombie apocalypse
Charlotte’s naughty streak is either going to pay off, or get her devoured.
And there are worse things going bump in the night than the red-eyes.

A hostage. A viral outbreak. A sexy, suspenseful apocalypse road-trip adventure unlike NO either.

Be devoured.


This book was unexpected. I’m not usually into zombie books but I’m really glad I gave this book a try. The author did an amazing job creating strong emotions from the reader. One moment you hate Wills character, then the next you love him. Chars character was surprising with unexpected twists. The only annoying thing about her character was how much she kept falling. The plot was amazing and held the readers interest. This really was a good book. There were some grammatical flaws but the plot made up for it.

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