Obsessions (Alpha City #1)


Author: Bryce Evans
Published: June 6, 2014
Pages: 234

Stars: 2 out of 5


A city run by shifters? In Alpha city, wolves, bears, tigers, panthers, and jaguars live together in peace, centered and led by the Council of Alpha’s. Ryder Malone, is the Alpha of his werewolf pack. He carefully balances his responsibilities as the official head of the Council, and older brother to his sister Zoey, but when she decides to leave for college, he finds himself drawn to her roommate. Like an obsession, London Grey is under Ryder’s skin. To his shock, the young witch orphan, and her best friend decide to move back to Alpha City with Zoey to create a new business. But someone in Alpha City doesn’t want them to succeed. 
Like a bad itch, mysterious happenings haunt the newcomers and the town’s Alpha. Can they figure out the mystery before tragedy happens? Or will Ryder and London’s own chemistry cause them to miss the obvious?


I received this book for an honest review. It was difficult getting into the book for a couple reasons. The first was the dialog between characters and the internal monologue that took place. The author did a lot of telling or stating facts instead of showing the reader through actions so they could come to there own/the authors conclusion. There were a lot of grammatical errors, misplaced words/commas/etc that took away from the story.

The plot encompasses love, destiny, friendship, and an upcoming war. The chapters switched between character perspective and sometimes this happened within the chapters. When that happened, it wasn’t always clear on who was describing what was happening. The plot had some unrealistic elements, especially when it came to military grade spy equipment and the love between Ryder and London. Overall, I think the author had a good idea when creating the plot but wasn’t able to execute it 100%.

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