Hunters (Demon #1)


Author: Aoife Sheridan
Published: September 14, 2014
Pages: 185

Stars: 3 out of 5


Abigail is nineteen. Her job, she hunts demons.

Her life so far has been tough. Having witnessed her family’s death and her mother’s suicide, she’s been taken in by a priest, who believes her when she says that she sees ghosts. Father Peter trains her as a demon hunter with three other members, one being Daniel, who isn’t what he seems.
But when a possession goes wrong, and ghosts start to attack Abigail, the tight rope she has on her emotions soon starts to loosen. Abigail draws the unwanted attention of the Reote, and she finds out a lot more than she was willing to learn.
Knowledge is power, but for Abigail, it’s her undoing, and the only thing keeping her together is Daniel


What to say about this book… This book is complex, at times weird, but leaves the reader in awe by the end of the book. I finished the book last night but I am still having a hard time digesting everything I read.

The main character in the story is Abigail. She has a complicated life full of grief, self loathing, and pain. At times she is very cynical and mostly walks around with a bad attitude/chip on her shoulder. But Abigail has had anything but an easy life. It’s hard to blame her for being what she is. She copes by drinking and is essentially an alcoholic. I don’t think you can really say this book is about Angels versus demons because the angles are nonexistent. But the book is about a war breaking out in hell and religious extremists. It’s refreshing and unique that the author took the stand she did on religious extremists. Overall, the plot was very complicated and at times I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. Normally I would not have picked up a book like this but I am glad I did. The author did a nice job describing the creepy and scary. And I’m talking about things that come from children’s nightmares. I found it hard not getting drawn into Abigail’s personal hell. This book is a dark story and ends with a cliff hanger.


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