Collared for the Night (Rocky MountainShifters #1)


Author: Susan Arden
Published: July 20, 2013
Pages: 218

Stars: 2.5 out of 5


Diana Hambre’s body is blazing. For days this leopardess shifter has spun through a body-searing heat cycle. Alone. Her senses reel when Shawn Barclay, her boss, walks into her reserved room at the Downtown Den, a stud club for shifters. He gives Diana a choice: spend the evening with him, give into his every desire, and she’ll find out what it means to quench her heat-crazed thirst—or try her luck with a stranger, one of the club bangers.

Shawn hates when his back is against the wall. One sip of Diana’s pheromone-laced scent is enough to force his alpha hand. The tables have turned and it’s Diana’s back he wants up against a wall, or any other surface for that matter.

As the moon rises toward midnight, Shawn and Diana come to understand the difference between sex and bonding. For a night, neither of them resist their primal instincts, blindly giving into carnal desire. Her wild nature fights being subdued and she risks spontaneously shifting without warning.

Now, bearing Shawn’s bite marks, she can’t simply walk away from him; not when he has the means to teach her to harness her leopardess nature. Shawn accepts the challenge of training Diana to control her untamed cravings. Employing every method available in and out of the bedroom, he discovers he’s on the verge of ensnaring himself in the process.


Overall the book was alright. The lead male character (Shawn) was dominate and controlling while the lead female character (Diana) wasn’t a push over but was submissive. The sexually heated scenes were borderline animalistic- a lot of biting and referring to there inner beast coming out. I felt like there was more to Diana’s ex Cole or at least there should have been more. The author hinted at a tragic death that traumatized Diana but never went into any details or provided closure. I also felt like Shawn did an unrealistic complete flip on his feelings for Diana. His change in Feelings didn’t make sense. The flow of the story was a bit choppy. There were parts where I either had to skim over the text or I would lose interest. I did however finish the book so it wasn’t obviously to bad.

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