My Familiar Stranger (Knights of Black Swan #1)

Familar stranger

Author: Victoria Danann
Published: April 19, 2012
Pages: 474

Stars: 5 out of 5


In a matter of minutes Elora Laiken lost everything familiar. She escaped assassination by being forced into an experimental device that left her broken, physically and emotionally, in another world. She woke up to find modern day knights, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and fae. This is the story of how they became her allies, friends, and family.


So many things happen in this book, it’s hard to know where to begin and what to include.

The story starts off slow as the narrative is told threw different character point of views. Elora, the main character, ends up traveling threw a different dimension and ends up at the Order of the black swan, Jefferson unit. After three months of healing, she tells her story and the reader discovers she is educated, highly skilled in defense, and she is stronger than any man.

She first encounters Storm who is the leader to the B team. His character reminds me of a depressed person who can at times be pouty. He quickly falls in love with Elora but his infatuation with her seems to benefit more of a distraction for himself than anything else. Although Storm has his eyes on Elora first, that doesn’t stop Ram, an elf, from also falling in love and ultimately discovering her as his life mate. The love interest doesn’t end here. Elora also attracts the attention from Baka who is also a vampire.

Throughout the story, Elora proves her creativity, strength, and determination. She is quickly accepted as the fourth team member to team B. Unfortunately, Ghost was expecting that spot and takes his revenge on Elora by allowing vampires feed on her. Luckily, an antidote was discovered, saving her from transforming into a vampire, and offered to Baka. Elora battles her attraction for Ram and feels she owes Storm for saving her life. In the end, she chooses Ram, discovers she is also an elf, and becomes pregnant.

This story is fast paced and there isn’t a dull moment. I enjoyed the main character and how strong she is. The romance was entertaining and the sexual tension was fun to read about.

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